Resident FAQ

When is my rent due?
Your rental agreement states that rent is due no later than the first of each month and is considered late the following day. Late fees will be charged according to the details of your lease agreement.

How do I submit my rent?
Please mail your rent check payable to Grow Properties and send it to:

3301 C Street, Building 1000
Sacramento, CA 95816

This is the first time I’ve paid my rent late. Can you waive my late fee?
No matter how current you’ve been on your rent payments, we cannot waive late fees. Fair housing laws require us to treat all tenants equally and enforce rules, fees, etc. across the board.

When I moved in I signed a lease that says I can’t have a pet, but now I’d like to get one. Can I?
In most instances, the answer is no. If pets were not allowed when you moved in, they are likely not allowed now. If you would like to contact us for additional information, feel free to call the office at 916.452.4679. Please note that if you get a pet without prior written consent from the landlord, you will be in violation of your lease.

Can I paint walls or hang drapes?
Your lease states that you cannot make alterations or improvements to the property without prior written consent of the landlord. If you would like to paint walls, hang drapes or make any other alterations, please submit your request in writing and follow up with a phone call. Approval is at the discretion of the landlord. If alterations are made to the property without prior approval, the property must be restored to its original state at move-out and all associated costs will be charged to the tenant.

How do I submit a maintenance/repair request?
All maintenance requests are required to be submitted both verbally and in writing. Please call 916.452.4679 to submit your request and follow up with an email, fax, or use the maintenance request form on our website. Most requests are handled within 24 to 48 hours.

What is considered a maintenance emergency?
Anything that threatens the safety of the tenant or their property is considered an emergency. Examples of maintenance emergencies include a burst pipe, a backed up sewer line, a shattered window, or a broken exterior lock. For assistance with a maintenance emergency, please page the emergency pager at 916.282.4171.

If there is a more serious emergency such as a fire, call 911.

Can I make repairs myself?
Without the prior written consent of the landlord, you may not make repairs to the property yourself. Additionally, the landlord is not responsible for the cost of repairs made by the tenant and you may not deduct the cost of repairs from your rent. If repairs are not completed to the satisfaction of the landlord, you may be charged for the cost of additional repair work.

How often do I need to change the furnace filter?
Your furnace filter should be changed once per month to keep the heating and air conditioning system running effectively and efficiently. Changing your furnace filter regularly will not only keep your heating and air conditioning bills lower, but will also help keep the unit from needing repair as often. Failing to change the furnace filter can lead to unnecessary breakage and repair, which could be charged to you if the breakage could have been prevented by changing the filter.

What if my roommate wants to move out before the end of the lease?
Your outgoing roommate must submit written notice that they will be vacating the unit and no longer wish to be on the lease. If a tenant moves out without this written notice, they are still legally responsible for rent payments. If you would like to substitute a new roommate, you are required to receive prior written consent from the property manager.

How do I add a new roommate to the lease?
You are required to receive prior written consent from the property manager to add a new roommate to the lease. The prospective roommate must meet all our applicant requirements and submit an application along with a $35 application fee. If accepted, the new roommate will need to sign a rental agreement and any associated documents.

Can I sublease my house/apartment?
No. Subleasing your unit is a violation of your lease. Should you wish to add a roommate to your lease, the proposed roommate must submit an application and application fee and be approved by the landlord.

How do I give notice that I’m moving out?
According to your lease agreement, you are required give at least 30 days written notice before vacating. Please be sure to include your name, address, forwarding address (if known) and date that you will be handing over possession of the property. As a courtesy, and to ensure that we receive your written notice, please call our office at 916.452.4679 to confirm.

Should I touch up the paint myself when I move out?
You may touch up the paint yourself upon move-out, but please refer to your lease for detailed information regarding painting and repair work guidelines. If you choose to do paint touch-up yourself, please call us to get specifics about the type and color of paint used in your unit.

I’m moving out of the property, but my roommate is staying. How do I get my Security Deposit back?
In this situation, security deposit reimbursement needs to be worked out between the tenants. The security deposit remains with the current lease and the associated property. We do not disburse partial security deposits to tenants being removed from a lease.

Can I use my security deposit as my last rent payment?
No. Your rental agreement clearly states that your security deposit is NOT to be used in lieu of payment for the last month’s rent.