Grow Properties has been managing rental properties in the Sacramento Area for more than 30 years. Founded by Hadley Grow in 1977, the same year his son Nathan was born, the company is now owned and operated Nathan and his wife, Elisha.

We provide a unique combination of property management services, as well as residential maintenance expertise. Nathan, an experienced general contractor, oversees all maintenance and renovation activities by our vendors. And with a background in client services in marketing, Elisha, our Property Manager, brings a valued and unique perspective to client and tenant relations.

As a family-run company, we are personally involved in all property management operations and are deeply committed to:

  • Maintaining responsive, timely, and effective communication with both renters and owners.
  • Providing the best value for the services we offer.
  • Keeping properties well-maintained for both renters and owners.
  • Developing and maintaining procedures that promote tenant retention.